What A Wonderful Life


Christmas Day brought wonderful news! Dave & I were privileged to witness our daughter’s boyfriend asking her to marry him. Her 8-year-old son directed the boyfriend in how he should be positioned and what to say.

Our young grandson was absolutely beside himself with happiness when his mother said yes!  You could here his excitement as he whooped and hollered that he was going to have the best stepfather in the world!

Of course this brings on a whole new world for me! I have never even come close to being the mother of the bride! And, then she tells me the date theyhave decided on is May 19, 2017! Yikes!!! 4.5 months! 21 weeks! Nowhere enough time!  What a wild time this will be!

Come and join me this quick and crazy journey to get my daughter married to her best friend!

First stop, where will this event take place? He is Catholic, she is converting. A Catholic wedding it will be. Next stop, colors…… She has already decided on ivory & tiffany blue. This is a good thing, especially since I look good in both of those colors. Not so much in her favorite color (yellow). Thank God for these favors!

Thank God that we have a Bridal Fair next month also.  She and I already have plans to attend ocathon January 15th.

I will have more information after that.  In the meantime, I will be reading and studying up on Catholic weddings.

Until next time….